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Altech is pleased to announce a new, more extensive printed circuit board terminal block line. This line offers the standard single and double level fixed and pluggable terminal blocks in metric and US pin spacings. However, this product line goes beyond our past standard offering. There is now a wider array of products within each pin spacing as well as new types of blocks such as 35 degree, reverse horizontal wire entry, and triple level fixed blocks, card edge connectors, panel feed through blocks, barrier strips, and plugs/headers with screw flanges. This product assortment combined with the new pricing structure makes this line extremely competitive.

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks give you highly dependable connections without the need for wire lugs. Choose either tubular screw clamps or box clamps when economy is paramount or screw-cage clamps for heavy-duty applications. In each case, simply strip and insert the wire and tighten the screw. We recommend the use of ferrules, especially for export applications and whenever fine stranded wires must be terminated.

Our board mounted terminal blocks meet or exceed most international standards and are accepted worldwide. They are available in single, double and triple level configurations with both, millimeter and inch pin spacings. All leave mini footprints to save valuable real estate.

Tubular Screw Clamps and Box Clamps
Screwcage Clamps for heavy duty applications.
Single, Double and Triple Level Configurations
Millimeter and Inch Pin Spacings (3.5 mm to 10.16 mm)
RoHS compliant blocks available
NEW colors, red, blue, orange

Our printed circuit board terminal blocks designed for fixed mounting offer high density, and maximum flexibility. Modular construction simplifies ordering and reduces inventory. Two-and 3-pole modules can be interlocked to create multipole assemblies. Altech can also supply ready-made assemblies tailored to your specification. Fixed-mount blocks are available with the economical tubular screw, box clamp or the screw-cage clamp and offer several wire entry options to facilitate wiring and increase accessibility.

Conserve valuable board space with Altech fixed mount blocks which are available in screw-cage clamp, tubular screw clamp or box clamp designs. Both clamps provide highly dependable connections. Choose US (inch) or Metric pin spacing. Several wire enrty options are offered. Modular construction simplifies ordering and reduces inventory.

  • Screw Cage Clamp Design
  • Tubular Screw Clamp Design
  • Box Clamp Design
  • From 10A, 30 AWG up to 24A, 12 AWG

The two-piece, plug and header design of our pluggable terminal blocks speed and simplify board replacement and reduce costly downtime and misconnections. No special tools are required. Headers are soldered into the board and accept the plugs, which are easily removed for fast, convenient board or device replacement. Choose single- mold designs for maximum strength. Or choose modular designs which are assembled from 2 and 3 pole modules when you need maximum flexibility to meet changing requirements. Both are available in a variety of configurations. Headers are available in vertical, and horizontal, single or double-level, with closed or open ends.

We offer pluggables with either screw-cage clamp termination for heavy duty requirements or with tubular screw termination and open headers for cost sensitive applications. We also offer a card edge connector for a quick, reliable and inexpensive connection.

Pluggable designs speed and simplify board and device replacement. Available are three designs: Industry Standard Pluggable for industrial applications where frequent wire-to-board connections occur, the Econo-Pluggable for cost sensitive applications and Card Edge for easy disconnect.

  • Industry Standard Pluggable
  • Econo Pluggable
  • Card edge
  • Up to 300V, 20A, 12 AWG

Altech's printed circuit board terminal blocks give you a choice between tubular screw, box clamp and screw-cage clamp designs:

  • When your application calls for the highest reliability and frequent wire terminations, the screw-cage clamp should be your choice. As the clamp is tightened, the nickel-plated cage rises, pressing the wire firmly against the busbar, ensuring solid connections every time. Standard color is green.
  • In the tubular screw and box clamp design, tightening the screw presses the conductor directly against the bottom of the clamp. These systems are ideal for cost sensitive, lighter duty applications or applications with infrequent wire terminations. Wire protectors are standard. Standard color is black for tubular screw and green for box clamp.
Pin Spacing

Each clamp style is offered in metric and inch pin spacing. For your convenience, this catalog is organized by pin spacing. Fixed blocks are first, starting with the smallest pin spacing, then pluggable shown in each available spacing.


All of our printed circuit board terminal blocks feature precision formed or machined metal parts which are electrolytically plated. Nickel or tin-plated brass cage clamps or tubes, wire protectors, and tin-plated solder pins satisfy the most demanding requirements. Housings are precision-molded from self-extinguishing polyamid 6.8 or glass-filled polyester providing excellent strength and temperature resistance.


Altech offers marking to identify terminal inputs. Order Hot Stamp Imprinting for permanent marking of large quantities or custom marked terminals. Standard marking is consecutive numbers, left to right. This standard marking can be ordered by adding the imprint sequence to the part number as a suffix (i.e. MV-4612/1-12 would be a MV-4612 terminal block imprinted 1 through 12, left to right). Custom imprints are also available, consult Altech for ordering information.

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