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The Lowest Priced Terminal Blocks in the industry are here!

Altech offers the most competitively priced blocks in the industry. We feature screw and spring clamp models for DIN rail and panel mount applications. This advanced line of wire termination products will increase your design options and help to get the job done more efficiently. Our line of blocks include feed-through (single, double or triple level), distribution, ground, fuse, disconnect thermocouple, surge suppressor and indicator. A wide variety of accessories, tools and ferrules are available.

As a leading supplier of terminal blocks since 1984, Altech continues to expand the line with the most competitively priced blocks in the business. Whatever your needs from simple wire terminations to sophisticated electronic functions we have standard and miniature DIN Rail mounted terminal blocks to meet them.

When you are competing in the global marketplace, you need world-class capabilities. Altech DIN Rail components put those capabilities at your fingertips. Altech's level of quality meets or exceeds every national and international standard for performance and safety.

The heart of the Altech Philosophy is the standardized DIN rail. Save installation time - just mount the rail and snap on terminal blocks and other components. A complete system in one organized arrangement provides reliability, high density, safety, economy as well as efficiency in design and production. Distribute power and ground, protect against overloads, isolate circuits, monitor status and more. Order as individual blocks or custom assemblies with one order number. Efficient screw-cage clamps provide reliable, vibration-proof and gas-tight terminations.

Functions include:

  • Feed-Through
  • Color Feed-Through
  • Multi Level
  • Multi Connection
  • High current
  • Ground
  • Fuse
  • Disconnect
  • Integrated electronics, standard and custom
  • Three Wire Sensor
  • Diode
  • Indicator
  • From 300V, 10A, 22 AWG up to 600V, 145A, 1/0 AWG.

Also ask about our custom DIN Rail assemblies.

The DIN Concept

The heart of the Altech philosophy is the standardized DIN Rail and snap-on terminal block. The DIN Rail makes possible a compact, organized arrangement of terminal blocks and other DIN Rail mount components. This gives more than just the appearance of quality; it saves time and space, enhances design capabilities and provides a centralized connect-disconnect area where external and/or internal wiring can be connected quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the DIN concept allows designers to take advantage of constant advances in terminal block technology. Altech DIN Rail components do more than terminate wires. They distribute power and ground, protect against overloads and perform a host of other sophisticated functions. Whatever the application: control systems, instrumentation or automation, DIN Rail terminal blocks can help you create it and keep it as up-to-date as tomorrow.

Screw Clamp Terminal Block

Altech terminal blocks feature screw clamps for maximum wiring efficiency and reliability. The blocks are supplied with open clamps, ready to accept wires. No special wire preparation or wire lugs are required. Simply strip the wire, insert and tighten the screw to the torque for gas-tight, vibration resistant, solid connections.

The screw clamp design uses a tin-plated, solid copper or solid brass current bar with grooved serration, a steel cage clamp and screws. As the clamp is tightened, the wire is pressed firmly against the current bar, ensuring positive connections every time. The steel parts are zinc plated and passivated by a golden yellow chromate layer for maximum resistance against oxidation.

When applying tightening torques, use our straight blade screwdriver to fit the screw hole guides located in the terminal block housings.

Spring Clamp Connection

The spring clamp series terminal blocks offer a time saving alternative to the popular screw clamp connection.

The pre-stressed spring is opened using a tool (screw driver) so the conductor can be inserted into the insertion space through an opening in the spring leg. The conductor is pulled against the current bar under spring force when the tool is removed.

A high contact force is acheived by the design of the spring clamp system. The design delivers a secure and reliable connection for any application.


The metal parts of Altech terminal blocks are housed in precision-molded, self-extinguishing polyamide 6.6 material for maximum dielectric strength, electrical insulation and temperature resistance. Standard features on all housings include funnel-shaped wire entry openings and screwdriver guides.

Custom Assemblies

The beauty of the DIN Rail concept is its convenience; the unsurpassed ease with which many different components and devices can be mounted on the same rail.

Altech has made things even easier by making it possible for you to order custom designed assemblies with a single part number or, for that matter, your own drawing number. No need to order a multitude of parts, no more unwanted inventories of bulk-packaged accessories.

Send Altech your drawings or specifications, and our experienced staff will build, mark and ship your assembly, ready for installation. Our on-staff engineers will also assist you in reviewing your drawings.

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